Admissions Tour Guide

Madi Taylor '16


House: Cabot


Concentration: Psychology

Employer: Harvard Admissions/Financial Aid Office


Do you remember the thrill of the first time you visited Harvard? Remember the campus tour, the information session, and the excitement of being a prospective student? Junior Madi Taylor works as a Tour Guide and Greeter at the  Admissions Office and gets to experience the thrill of  prospective students visiting Harvard from the other side.


Madi gives prospective students tours as a part of her job with the Admissions Office.

Madi, who has worked at the Admissions Office for a year now, leads tours and works with other students and Admission Officers to give information sessions to prospective students and their families.  She really enjoys her job and says that she finds it very rewarding to be able to share her experiences with students from all over who are considering applying to Harvard.

“I love that my job reminds me how fortunate I am to be at Harvard, and talking to prospective students about my favorite parts of my Harvard experience makes me even more excited to be here! I know that when I went to tours and info sessions when I was visiting college, the experiences of the student guides really shaped my view of the college and helped me visualize what it would be like to live and study there—I hope that I’m able to do that for prospective students and get them excited about applying or coming to Harvard!”


Madi also helps to give information sessions for prospective students and their families.

Madi works two other jobs on campus outside of the Admissions Office in addition to being involved with theatrical productions, club field hockey, and the sorority Delta Gamma on campus. When asked how she could possibly find time for it all, she emphasizes the flexibility of her schedule with the Admissions Office. “Because shifts are based on our availability and info sessions are only an hour long, tours 1.25 hours, it’s easy to fit a few shifts in each week around classes and extracurriculars, since we have the options to work in the morning, afternoon, or on Saturdays. I do a lot on campus but the short shifts at the Admissions Office and flexibility to schedule around my classes and activities definitely make it manageable.”

Working at the Admissions Office has allowed Madi to develop her skills in presentations and public speaking, which will come in handy in almost any field she decides to pursue after graduation. Even beyond the skills she has gained, however, Madi says that working at the Admissions Office has been an invaluable experience for her. “When I’ve had a long day or am loaded with work, talking to students who are so interested in coming here brings me back to how thrilled I was when I was admitted and first came to campus, and reminds me what an amazing place this is and all the incredible things I’ve been able to do at Harvard. Working as a Tour Guide and Greeter is an incredibly rewarding job and is so much fun - I really look forward to my shifts every week!  It’s a great way to give back to Harvard and share what makes it such a special place to you.”