Pub Manager

Hailey Reneau '17

House: Pforzheimer

Concentration: Human Evolutionary Biology 

Employer: Cambridge Queen's Head Pub

Hailey at work in the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub, where she works as the Human Resources Manager and a shift manager.If you’re looking for good food and a vibrant social atmosphere that’s no farther away than Annenberg, there’s a good chance that you’ve been to the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub, Harvard’s student-run restaurant housed in Memorial Hall. The Queen’s Head boasts a full menu full of delicious food, a wide and varied drink selection for guests 21+, and a comfortable, fun environment where students can relax and take a break from their classes and studies. For some students, the Queen’s Head is not only a social space on campus, but also an employer. 

Hailey Reneau is one of the many students on campus who work at the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub. She an HR manager and also serves as a floor manager. Hailey, a sophomore, has been working at the Queen’s Head Pub since she was a freshman and loves it. “It’s a different way of interacting with Harvard students,” she says. “I feel like I get to see people are their best.” And getting to see her fellow Harvard students outside of class, extracurriculars, and the general stress of Harvard is not the only thing Hailey appreciates about her job.

As a shift manager, Hailey checks the kitchen equipment behind to scenes to make sure everything is up to par.

Hailey is a Human Evolutionary Biology concentrator who is also involved in Strong Women, StrongGirls and Delta Gamma, both organizations in which she holds a leadership position. While it can be challenging to juggle a demanding course load, extracurriculars, and a job of 15-20 hours per week, Hailey manages to find a balance. “That’s always kind of a struggle,” she says of managing her time on campus, but explains further that “it’s a little different with a job. It always takes priority as far as my extracurriculars go.” In helping to run a student-managed business on campus, Hailey says there is a different type of accountability in her job at the Queen’s Head than in her other extracurriculars. Knowing that her fellow employees count on her to always do her job so that they can do theirs, Hailey says it is clear that her job has to take priority in her life over everything but academics.  “It’s a level of responsibility that can simplify things.” Time management can be difficult, but ultimately Hailey finds time for it all. 

Hailey is the manager on duty at the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub on a Friday night.  In terms of the day to day of her job, most of Hailey’s work hours are spent outside of the Queen’s Head, managing the shifts of all the Queen’s Head employees (no easy task, given Harvard students’ well-documented difficulty to schedule), arranging training sessions, hiring new employees, and managing the behind-the-scenes logistics of the pub. She also serves as a floor manager and oversees general operations of the pub during her shifts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Hailey eventually plans to go to Medical School, and she is quite aware that her job at the Queen’s Head is not exactly medically relevant, but she thinks that the unique experience of working in a completely student-run establishment will serve her well in the future. “It’s just a very cool atmosphere. I am running a business. I think management experience is a very different skillset. I am pre-med, but I don’t know what I’m going to do after medical school. Will I be a practicing physician? Will I start my own private practice? I could see myself working in global health initiatives and starting up and building organizations, and I think a lot of these skillsets are really applicable to a really wide variety of things. I know there’s still more to learn, but I think this is a good starting point.” 

Overall, Hailey says she is incredibly grateful and excited to have had the opportunity to work at the Cambridge Queen’s Head Pub. “It’s so valuable, having a position on campus where you can become a professional and manage a business on campus while you’re an undergrad. It’s a great opportunity for students and it’s so important to the campus as a whole.”