Off-Campus Work Study

Can I lump together weeks of unreported time in to one week?

Please don't. This opens up the possibility of OT hours which is neither permitted through Federal Work Study nor an accurate representation of your actual hours worked. Instead, send your itemized hours to the Manager of the Federal Work Study Program with a detailed breakdown of your hours worked for each week. Use the following format:

John D. Harvard worked the following hours for week ending __/__/__ (must be a Saturday):

Sun: 2

Tue: 5

Wed: 1.5

Thu: 1.5

Total: 10

What if the employer does not approve time by the deadline?

It is rare, but this may cause a delay in payment for your hours worked the previous week. Once your supervisor approves the time it will be paid out at the nearest upcoming pay date along with any additional hours approved. If delays occur on a regular basis we encourage you to have a conversation with your supervisor.