Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Referral Form and who needs to complete it?

The Referral Form registers a work study job with the Student Employment Office. The SEO will then activate the WST time reporting code in PeopleSoft thereby allowing students to accurately report their time and administrators to take advantage of the significant cost savings associated with Federal Work Study. The form requests basic information about the position and also the department's TUB/ORG. It may be completed by either the student or the supervisor.


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How many hours per week are student employees permitted to work?

Undergraduates may work up to a total of 20 hours per week during the academic school year.

Graduate students may work up to 40 hours per week.

All students may work up to 40 hours per week during breaks (Spring Break, Reading Period, Winter Recess, etc.). There is no compensation for lunch or break times, vacation days, or holidays.

Do I have to file a Federal Tax Return?

Generally, you must file a Federal income tax return if you receive a specified minimum amount of gross income for the calendar year. For up to date information on filing a federal tax return, please visit the Student Financial Services website

Please note: Harvard as an institution does not advise on any personal income tax requirements or issues. Use of any information from this site or any other web site...

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How many jobs can I have?

You may work any number of jobs provided you do not exceed the recommended 20 hours per week total.

What is the Term Time Work Expectation?

You are expected to contribute toward the cost of your education through a Term Time Work Expectation. Although this isn't necessarily toward the cost of tuition. Books, school supplies, travel to and from home, and other personal expenses are considered part of the overall cost of attending Harvard College.

The important thing to understand is that earnings through a part time job do not have to be paid to Harvard or to the Financial Aid Office.

If you have an outside award it will first reduce your Term Time Work...

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Am I required to have a job while attending Harvard?

While you are not required to work while attending Harvard it is a good idea for a variety of reasons:

  • Working builds your resume and teaches you relevant job skills.
  • Familiarizes you with working in an office, lab, or other professional environment.
  • Fulfills your term time work expectation.
  • Provides you with disposable income.