For Students

FWSP Student

There primary benefit for students who are eligible for FWSP is that their federally-subsidized wages can allow them to pursue a wider range of employment opportunities to fulfill their term-time work expectation, particularly with employers who wouldn't otherwise be able to hire a student worker. Here are some examples of employers for which FWSP-eligible students can work with: 

  • On-Campus Jobs: Students can use FWSP funds for any on-campus position.
  • Off-Campus Jobs: The following off-campus employers qualify for FWSP: 
    • Recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (i.e. shelters, hospitals, youth organizations, etc.)
    • State, local and federal government agencies
    • For-profit organizations whose business activity is related to the student's concentration
    • Positions at religious organizations that do not involve constructing, operating, or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction. For example, students can work at a church that is operating a homeless shelter but can not assist a religious leader in making a space ready for religious service.

Onboarding as a FWSP-eligible Student

The hiring process for FWSP-eligible students is slighty different than for those who aren't. In this section, FWSP-eligible students will learn: 

  • How to check their eligibility
  • What kind of FWSP opportunities are available
  • How to register as a FWSP student with the SEO