Off-Campus FWSP

FWSP Boston

Students are welcome to utilize their Federal Work Study (FWSP) award at eligible off-campus organizations. Off-campus employers are defined as any employer physically located off of the Harvard campus and who does not have access to Harvard University's payroll system. Instead of the agency hiring the student directly, the Harvard Student Employment Office (SEO) will hire the work-study students on our payroll at an hourly rate agreed upon between the student and the agency but not to exceed the work study maximum. We will pay the student on a weekly basis until the end of the employment term or until the work-study ceiling is reached. If a student is working for a for-profit organization, it is required that it is related to their area of concentration. 

More information: FWSP Off-Campus Employers

Hiring Procedure

  1. The student registers their FWSP job with the SEO. It is good practice for the agency to assist the student in completing this form so that all information is accurate and complete. Particularly important is the supervisor and billing person's contact information.
  2. Once the form is processed, both the student and supervisor will receive confirmation of eligibility and instructions on next steps.
  3. The agency then completes an Agency Agreement which outlines responsibilities and billing procedures. Please sign, scan, and email document to the SEO as soon as possible.
  4. If this is the student's first job with/at Harvard then s/he will need to complete an I-9 form and various other tax paperwork in person at the Student Employment Office. Please be aware that any hours worked prior to filling out the appropriate tax forms will have to be covered in full by the Agency.

Payroll Procedure 

Once the agency agreement is received and the student has completed the I-9, we will hire the student through Harvard's payroll system.

  1. The student will receive email instructions on how to report time in Peoplesoft, and the agency will receive email instructions on how to approve time.
  2. Students will receive an email Friday morning reminding them to submit hours worked for the current week by midnight Saturday.
  3. Students must report their time in Peoplesoft every Saturday by 11:59pm. If a student misses this deadline please refer the FAQ on how to report time by email.
  4. The employer will receive an email from the SEO on Monday morning requesting approval for the time submitted. The email will contain the daily hours worked as reported by the student. Reply either with 'Approve' or 'Not Approved' in the body of the email.
  5. The SEO will approve time for all 'approved' students by Tuesday morning.
  6. Students are paid every Friday.
  7. We strongly advise all students to sign up for Direct Deposit -- it saves time and the potential for lost checks. Pay stubs will always be available to view in Peoplesoft.

Note: Schedule moves up by up to two business days during holiday weeks.