Grille Master

Kalen Cobb ‘18

Concentration: Psychology

House: Eliot

Employer: Eliot House Grille

Official Title of Job: Grille Master

“It all started when I was a wee lass on the shores of Lake Michigan. I was walking along the beach when I noticed something shiny in the sand. What's that I said to myself. As I walked closer to examine the foreign object, lo and behold it was a SPATULER! A GOLDEN SPATULER! Long story short (I can give you details later) I've been working with my lucky, golden spatula ever since then and aspire to one day be Head Fry Cook at the Krusty Krab. But the Inferno Grille will work in the meantime.” -Kalen Cobb

Kalen Cobb started working at Eliot House’s Inferno Grille at the beginning of her Sophomore Year and has loved serving up tasty late night eats and smiles ever since.

The Inferno Grille is one of the three late night eateries on campus where students can come to grab a bite while working on papers, finishing up readings, and powering through problem sets. Located in the basement of J-entryway in Eliot House, the Inferno Grille has a 50’s vibe with black and red leather couches, bar stools, and checkered floors.  Any Harvard student can work at the Inferno Grille and they are always hiring.

As a grille master, Kalen’s tasks include serving up delicious burgers, shakes, and other fun treats and creating a relaxed work and eating environment by always  having an awesome playlist streaming through the Grille’s speakers.

One of Kalen’s favorite things about working at the Grille is how flexible it is. Depending on the week Kalen will work several shifts or only one. “That’s what I really love about this job. I get to work whenever it is most convenient for me” she says.  Shifts at the Inferno Grille are from 10 p.m.- 12 a.m. on weeknights and from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends, each with an additional thirty minutes for  clean-up.  

When not serving up smiles, music, and goodies at the Inferno Grille Kalen is organizing events as a board member of the Soul Food Christian Fellowship or streaming mellow tunes as a host for WHRB, Harvard College radio. Thanks to the flexibility of being a grille master, Kalen is able to easily manage her classes, extracurricular activities, and her job.

Kalen loves all of the new people she has met through her job at Inferno. She says that you see everyone “tutors, Eliotites, students from other houses, and  really whoever is hungry after 10 p.m.” Kalen believes that  one of the most challenging parts of her job however is how busy the Grille can get but jokes that “people are usually nice when they know that you hold the spatula that will provide them with the french fries and chicken bites they have been dreaming about since dinner ended.”

In the future Kalen sees herself in a people- orientated job and loves that her work at the Inferno Grille is helping her to improve her communication skills and come out of her shell.

Stop by the Eliot Inferno Grille anytime and see what Kalen is cooking up; Board Plus is accepted!