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Setting Up Your Student Hire

Congratulations on your new Harvard student hire! Since your organization is participating in the Federal Work Study Program, the Harvard Student Employment Office will take care of the payroll function. At the end of the employment period, we will bill your organization for the employer's share of earnings. Check out the end of this page for a sample invoice. Before we can hire the student we need two forms completed:

  1. The student must register their FWSP job. As the employer, please take a look at the registration form and provide the student with relevant information such as the billing contact.
  2. The employer must sign and return to the SEO (electronically or by mail) an Off-Campus Agency Agreement which outlines our respective responsibilities and billing procedures. If you need a counter-signed document just let us know.

Once these two steps are complete, the student will receive time reporting instructions, and the employer will receive time approval instructions. In short, the student will submit time to the Harvard SEO, and we will forward those hours to supervisors for approval.

Time Reporting and Approval

Students will report their time to the Harvard SEO on a weekly basis. Supervisors will receive an automated email on Monday morning with their student worker's reported time. In order for the student to be paid, the supervisor must approve the time by replying to the email with 'approve' in the body of the email along with an email signature. Please be sure to respond to the approval email by Monday at 11:59pm so that there is no delay in paying your student worker.

Note that in the event of a University holiday, the time approval process is moved up by (1) business day.

Billing Procedures

At the conclusion of the employment period, the Harvard SEO will bill for the employer's share of earnings. The most common scenario is 30% of earnings plus 8% payroll tax (on the total earnings). Employers will receive an invoice from Harvard accounts receivables by mail and and an itemized invoice by email. Invoices must be paid within 30 days.

Make checks payable to 'Harvard University'. When remitting payment, please do not send to the Student Employment Office. Use the following address and be sure to reference the invoice number:

Harvard University
P.O. Box 4999
Boston, MA 02212-4999


Helpful Documents

Off-Campus FWSP Checklist29 KB
Sample FWSP Invoice136 KB