Payroll Processes


All on-campus student employment is processed through Harvard's Peoplesoft system. Once active, students will be able to report time, complete tax forms, view paychecks or paystubs, sign up for direct deposit, and view both current and old W-2's. Use this section to learn about the I-9 form and what it's used for, how to report time, find information on how you get paid and issues related to taxes.

Students may use the I-9 form below to get a head start on the process but more than likely the employing department will walk students through the process. The W-4 form tells Harvard how much to withhold for federal income taxes. Note that while you can complete this form online through Harvard's Peoplesoft system, you should read over the form and use the IRS withholding calculator to fully understand the financial ramifications.

The payroll process in summary:

  1. Find a job, interview, get hired.
  2. Complete the I-9 employment eligibility document (you will need to supply original identification documents such as a United States passport. Read about the I-9 using the link to the left for more information).
  3. The Harvard Payroll Office will process the I-9.
  4. Employing department hires the student through Peoplesoft.
  5. Student gains access to Peoplesoft through this site.
  6. Student reports time in Peoplesoft on a weekly basis (or as supervisor directs otherwise)
  7. Supervisor approves time in Peoplesoft on a weekly basis


For Students: W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding)113 KB
For Students: M-4 (Massachusetts Withholding)45 KB
For Students: I-9 form - Eligibility to work in the U.S565 KB