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With the changing and uncertain pandemic environment, we encourage students to pursue alternate opportunities where possible. Get creative and take advantage of a different type of experience. We anticipate that many employers will want to see how job seekers handled the unexpected change, and if you aren’t able to pursue a remote internship or work opportunity, engaging in an alternate opportunity will demonstrate your initiative to think outside the box!



How to succeed during your remote internship -

What To Do Now That Your Summer Internship Is Canceled -

7 Tips to Transform a Cancelled Summer Internship due to Coronavirus into a Career-Building Opportunity -


Resources for Pursuing Alternate and Professional Development Opportunities:


Jobs / Internships / Volunteering

Search Sites - Symplicity, Glassdoor, Idealist, Indeed,, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, USAJobs

Jobs -

Internships -

Internships - UCAN -

Virtual internships with US Federal Government -

Volunteering - Smithsonian -

Volunteering - Translators Without Borders -

Volunteering - UN -

Volunteering - PBH -

Third Party Providers

International Internships

Virtual Internships -

Global Experiences -

Others include – CEA, Connect-123, and The Intern Group

Short-Term Projects

Parker Dewey -


Coursera -

EdX -

LinkedIn Learning -

Master Class -

Udacity -

Udemy -

Lagunita Learning -

Harvard Free Online Classes - 

Maker Spaces


Create and get involved in new products, solve problems and help your community

Harvard Innovation Lab:


Financial Literacy Trainings;


Meet virtually with an Advisor, take a tutorial, or participate in a Webinar from the Office of Career Services:


Upcoming Virtual Events from URAF:




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