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With the ever-changing, uncertain, and mostly remote pandemic environment, we encourage students to pursue alternate opportunities where possible. If you are able to, get creative and take advantage of a different type of experience. We anticipate that many employers will want to see how job seekers handled the unexpected change, and if you aren’t able to pursue a remote internship or work opportunity, engaging in an alternate opportunity will demonstrate your initiative to think outside the box! Additionally, please keep in mind the guidelines put forth by Harvard with regard to working:


From LinkedIn Learning Solutions: 


Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity of Remote Work

1.     Working Remotely – 1 hr

2.     Time Management: Working From Home – 1 hr 25 min

3.     Productivity Tips: Finding Your Productive Mindset – 59 min

4.     Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls –  34 min

 Manage the Impact of Adjusting to a New Work Environment

1.     Thriving @ Work: the Connection between Well-being and Productivity – 41 min

2.     Managing Stress for Positive Change – 57 min

3.     Building Resilience – 34 min

4.     Developing Resourcefulness – 18 min



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7 Tips to Transform a Cancelled Summer Internship due to Coronavirus into a Career-Building Opportunity -


Resources for Students:

Summer 2021

College Guide to co-curricular programs for Summer 2021

Jobs / Internships / Volunteering

2021 President's Innovation Challenge (deadline January 6, 2021) -

See what companies are hiring now (note that there is no information about positions being remote) -

Search Sites - Symplicity, Glassdoor, Idealist, Indeed,, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, USAJobs

Jobs -

Internships -

Internships - UCAN -

Virtual internships with US Federal Government -

Volunteering - Smithsonian -

Volunteering - Translators Without Borders -

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Third Party Providers

International Internships

Virtual Internships -

Global Experiences -

Others include – CEA, Connect-123, and The Intern Group

Short-Term Projects

Parker Dewey -


Coursera -

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Lagunita Learning -

Harvard Free Online Classes - 

Maker Spaces


Create and get involved in new products, solve problems and help your community

Harvard Innovation Lab:


Financial Literacy Trainings;


Meet virtually with an Advisor, take a tutorial, or participate in a Webinar from the Office of Career Services:


Upcoming Virtual Events from URAF:




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