Women's Center Staff Intern

Jasmine Fernandez, ‘16

Concentration: Neurobiology, Secondary in Portuguese

House/Dorm: Eliot House

Employer: The Women’s Center, Canaday Basement (B entry)

Official Title of Job: Women’s Center Staff  Intern

Jasmine Fernandez applied for the position of Staff Intern at the Harvard College Women’s Center in the spring semester of her first year at Harvard thinking, “I need a job throughout undergrad, why not have my job be something I care about?” She began working there the following semester, joining the one of the three committees. The Women’s Center is an inclusive space on campus that provides campus programming related to gender and can also help students access more specific resources. 

As an intern on the Programming and Events Committee, Jasmine’s responsibilities include taking care of the physical space of the Women’s Center (located in the basement of Canaday Hall in Harvard Yard, entry B) and interfacing with students who drop by; organizing events and educational workshops; and helping to manage the Ann Radcliffe Trust Grant, which provides funding to student groups organizing events or initiatives related to gender issues in line with the mission of the Trust and the Women’s Center. Jasmine enjoys reading the applications of student groups who apply for the Trust funding because it’s exciting to see that so many groups care about this issue. 

One thing Jasmine says she loves about her job is that it’s the best of both worlds: she gets to work on a cause that is special to her, while also developing communications and organizational skills that will help her professionally. Jasmine has a particular interest in the intersection of race and gender, so she is able to put together events that explore that particular interest and serve to educate her fellow students.

 In terms of logistics, Jasmine’s job at the Women’s Center takes up 6-10 hours of her time each week. Jasmine says that knowing her shifts in advance helps her manage her time effectively to make sure she is leaving enough time for schoolwork and personal time. Each shift - of at least 2 hours -  is shared with a co-intern, so there’s always someone around if you have a question on how to do you work or if any task requires multiple staff members.Work is divided between smaller day to day tasks and longer term projects related to which of the three committees you are on:

Work is divided between smaller day to day tasks and longer term projects related to which of the three committees you are on:

  1. Programming & Events
  2. Social Media
  3. Campus Education (the awesome folks behind the Gender 101 workshop!)
Your committee is dependent on your own preferences, as well as what skills you have that will contribute to the work.
Outside of her work with the Women’s Center, Jasmine is a proud founding member and the inaugural president of the First Generation Student Union. Upon graduation, she will be moving to Brazil to work on issues related to child development. Her long term goals are to enter the medical field and be an advocate for women and children’s health.

Stop by the Women’s Center any time during their operating hours (found here: http://hcwc.fas.harvard.edu/) !