Virtual Job Fair Instructions for Students

For Students:

Please note if you never logged into the SEO Job Database before, you will need to create an account on the database first. You can visit here: Job Database to create your profile. Once you have done that, you will be able to follow the next steps.

Register for the Job Fair

  1. Click Spring Job Fair and select I want to attend “As A Job Seeker”

  2. This will prompt you to Login to the Job Database.

  3. Once logged in, click “Events” on the left and then click “Career Fairs”

  4. Under upcoming you will see “Spring 2021 Virtual Job Fair” which you will click on.

  5. After a short video plays on how to navigate the virtual fair, you will see a blue button that says “Attend”

  6. Click attend and a Chat Profile box will appear. This will showcase your online, offline status, your job resume you have on file and your database profile information(Full Name, Year of Graduation and Work Authorization Status)

  7. Please make sure you update your resume as well as any of your profile information before clicking Save

  8. Once you have selected your resume and confirmed your profile information, click the blue “Save” button.

  9. This will officially register you for the event and send a confirmation email to your email on file within the database.


Virtual Job Fair Best Practices for Students

  1. Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please use another browser.

  2. Come to the fair ready to connect with employers to see what opportunities they are offering, and be prepared with general or specific questions.

  3. When joining an employer chat, instead of downloading Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc., select the option to join the meeting online and it will be faster to join.

  4. As long as you are in a "queue", please stay in the Virtual Career Fair so you do not miss any employer chat requests (which pop up in a separate window).

  5. Make sure you click the “Attend” button so that you can join chats.

  6. Before the fair, mark your favorite employers by clicking on the “Interested” star icon, so that they will display at the top of your list.

  7. Log into your Jobs Database account before the fair to make sure you have the most updated resume uploaded to the virtual fair and that your “Chat Profile” is current.

  8. You can use the Notes field after each chat, before you join the next, to jot down key information about the employer you just chatted with.