Getting Paid

All on-campus student employment is processed through Harvard's Peoplesoft system. Once you are hired, you can use Peoplesoft to report time, complete tax forms, view paychecks, sign up for direct deposit, and view W-2's.

Use this section to learn about required documents when starting a new job, how to report time, how you get paid, and issues related to taxes.


The on-campus payroll process:

  1. Apply for a job, interview, get hired. Congratulations!

  2. Complete the I-9 form with the employer

    1. The I-9 form is a federal document that verifies your eligibility to work in the United States. All United States citizens and most enrolled foreign nationals are eligible. You will need to supply original identification documents such as a United States passport. Your employer will complete the I-9 with you and send it to Harvard Payroll for processing.

  3. The Harvard Payroll Office will process the I-9.

  4. The employer hires the student through Peoplesoft.

  5. Student gains access to Peoplesoft through this site.

  6. Student completes other tax documents, such as the W-4, in Peoplesoft. 

    1. The W-4 form tells Harvard how much to withhold for federal income taxes. Please use the IRS withholding estimator to fully understand the financial ramifications.

  7. Student sets up direct deposit in Peoplesoft.

  8. Student reports time in Peoplesoft on a weekly basis (or as supervisor directs otherwise).

  9. Supervisor approves time in Peoplesoft on a weekly basis.

  10. Student receives payment for the previous week of work (as hours are reported into Peoplesoft).

  11.  NEW: Please make sure to update your home and University mailing address! Note: Harvard students cannot update their home address in PeopleSoft. You must update your home address in my.harvard, which will migrate into Peoplesoft. Instructions for updating your home and University address can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

For Students: W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding)

For Students: M-4 (Massachusetts Withholding)

For Students: I-9 form - Eligibility to work in the U.S