Using the Jobs Database


The Harvard Student Employment Office Jobs Database connects employers with currently enrolled Harvard students for part-time and one-day jobs. In order to post job openings, you must create an account.

Click HERE to access the Jobs Database. 

Employer FAQ's

How do I create an employer account?

  1. Point your web browser to and click on the Employer link.
  2. Click Register or Register and Post Job.
  3. Complete the registration form. Any fields marked * are required.
    1. When choosing Services check Career Fair if you are interested in attending a job fair in the future.
    2. Check Resume Book if you want the option to browse through resumes and contact a student.
  4. Enter the letters/numbers in the image proving you are human and hit submit.
  5. Your application will be reviewed within one business day.

I am Harvard staff, do I need to create a separate account?

Yes. The Jobs Database is hosted by a third-party service that is outside of Harvard’s web authentication system. Please create a separate login using your Harvard email address.

Multiple people in my office need access to our job postings. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Send us an email to with (1) the name of the department and (2) the names of people who need such access and we’d be glad to activate that feature.

How do I post a job opportunity?

Click on Create a Job Posting on the right side shortcuts menu.

How do I close out a job posting?

Click on View Job Postings on the right side shortcuts menu. This will take you to a list of your active job postings. Click the deactivate button to archive the posting. Note that it will be available for reposting at a later date.

If you don't see the deactivate button then click on the job title which will take you to the position editing page. Scroll to the bottom and find the Applications Accepted Until field and change the date to today.

Can I repost a job?

Yes, all your job postings are archived and available for future use.

Click on Create Job Posting in the right side navigation menu under ‘Shortcuts’. Under the ‘Position Information’ field you have the option to Copy an Existing posting or if you click the Show Archived button you will be able to repost any job posting that you have created in the past. Be sure to change the Job Start Date and Job End Date to reflect the new time frame.

How do students apply?

Most students will apply through the system. You will receive an email that is generated by the database but from the student's email address with their resume and any other documents you requested in the posting. Contact the student by replying to the email or using the contact information listed in their resume.

A convenient listing of all students who have applied for your position is available by clicking the View Applicants link in the shortcuts menu on the right side of the main screen.

You may also use alternative methods such as a paper application, an application form on your website, or simply through an email by listing your preferred method in the job description field.

Can my colleagues edit my department's job postings?

Absolutely, but this is a feature that SEO staff have to activate for you. Send us an email to with (1) the name of the department and (2) the names of people who need such access.

Can I limit my applicants to work study students only?

When posting a position be sure to choose Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) Only in the FWSP Preference field. While there are no checks in place to prevent ineligible students from applying for the position, it will limit the number of applications you get from those students. Always confirm a student's eligibility by asking about their work study status. If they are unsure ask them to confirm by checking their financial aid award letter at (undergraduates only) or by contacting their financial aid officer.