Research Opportunities

Many students pursue a research opportunity in place of a standard job.  There are many opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research projects – either independently or as a research assistant for a faculty member.  Some positions pay and some are volunteer; there are other research opportunities that may qualify for funding to which you apply separately.  Graduate students are encouraged to speak directly with faculty members at their particular school to inquire about positions.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates:

  1. Discuss research for credit (often as a 91R) with your academic advisor or Director of Undergraduate Studies
  2. Search the Jobs Database for paid positions as research assistants.  Since not all faculty members or departments use the SEO Jobs Database to post positions, you may want to visit individual academic department websites to see if positions are posted there or contact a faculty member directly.
  3. Pursue an independent research project with a Harvard faculty member as a research mentor and apply for funding to support your endeavors.  Over $6 million in Harvard funds are awarded to undergraduates pursuing research during the term and summer.  Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships for more information and consult the Funding Database to learn of specific grants.

Learn about the Faculty Aide Program.