Local Households


Local households seeking Harvard students for services such as babysitting, tutoring, cleaning, yardwork, moving help, etc., are encouraged to post opportunities to our jobs database. Please be clear in the job title and job description and note whether the job is a temporary one day assignment or if you expect to need regular work.

WATCH Portal

Harvard staff and faculty, while also welcome to post these types of opportunities to the jobs database may also consider the Harvard Watch Portal which according to their own description:

The WATCH Portal is a service exclusively for Harvard students, faculty, staff , and their eligible household members – it is by Harvard, for Harvard. The WATCH Portal allows members of the Harvard community to offer and procure a range of services. Need a tutor for your child or someone to walk your dog? Need eldercare or someone to rake leaves? Now, households seeking help can post jobs and find students with specific skills while Harvard students seeking jobs can post a resume and browse jobs by type.

UPDATE: Due to concerns and restrictions under the COVID-19 pandemic, the WATCH portal is temporarily offline. We’re advising people seeking assistance with child care to consult https://hr.harvard.edu/childcare.