FWSP Agency Agreement

All off-campus employers hiring students through the Federal Work Study Program must submit an Agency Agreement which outlines the Agency’s and Harvard’s responsibilities. Please pay close attention to Section 7. If you have questions about the document, please contact the Student Employment office at 617-495-2587 or seofwsp@fas.harvard.edu.

Agency agreements may be submitted to the Student Employment Office directly by mail, fax, or (preferred) by email. Please be sure to complete the agreement in its entirety, including the Authorized Agency Officer’s signature, date, position in the Agency, the Agency and phone number. If you require a countersigned agreement, please let us know. Agency Agreements are valid for (1) year at which point you will be asked to submit another if you have are planning to employ Harvard students through the Federal Work Study Program.

*Please be aware that if the FICA % has changed, we will require a newly signed Agency Agreement even if you are within the 1 year period*

We will not accept signed Agency Agreements until a referral card has been filled out by the student or their supervisor.

Non-profit Agency Agreement

For-profit Agency Agreement