Building Manager's Assistant

KeeHup Yong ‘19

Concentration: Psychology
House: Currier
Employer: Currier House

During his four years at Harvard, KeeHup Yong has worked more than 5 jobs in different places on campus, but the one he has devoted the most time to is his role as a building manager’s assistant in Currier House. He has worked there for nearly 3 years, working 40 hours a week during breaks and 10-15 hours a week during the semester. He works around the House, and in the building manager’s office at Currier.

On a daily basis, KeeHup works directly with students and staff to try to “bridge the gap” between the two.

"I also work with contractors and try to help Manny [the building manager] because he is such an out-and-about person who works closely with contractors, so he can't always be in the office. On the longer-term side, I help get larger events ready, such as graduation and alumni reunions, [which] take much more planning and preparation,” KeeHup said.

Originally, KeeHup was drawn to the job because of the helpfulness and kindness of the Currier staff.

"I originally was unable to go home between a break, and the staff at Currier was gracious enough to let me work and live within the house during a gap. Across the different jobs I've worked in my life and on campus, this was the most patient, supportive, and directly involved job I've ever had. The ability to actually make change daily with Manny is so awesome, and my voice is always heard for improvements,” he said.

KeeHup is primarily involved in the arts community on campus, but Currier has been an important place for him, too, even outside of his role as a building manager’s assistant.

"I help with Art activities in the house, and also work with the Harvard Breakers to create events in and around Currier for the college and for the local Massachusetts area. Recently, I worked with the Quad HoCos to have our sixth year of Breakeasy, a U.S. wide breakdancing competition, hosted in the Quad and Currier,” he said. Additionally, he hosts events in Currier which focus on the individual and their own experiences. “This manifests itself in things from weekly Korean language tables to helping with a Southern Food study break, and planning out First Generation Student outings with the tutors,” he said.

From his work in the building manager’s office, to helping with House programming, all of KeeHup’s involvement in Currier is a result of his devotion to making the House feel like home.

"While I do work and am employed by the house, when not working, I treat Currier like a home for myself and all others. That means I am constantly trying to see what can be improved in Currier and working with the administration to meet those social needs for students,” he said.

KeeHup’s time as a student employee has been “awesome,” and he’s been glad to gain workplace experience alongside his academic learning. He also attributes a good deal of his positive experience to Manny.

With Manny, I've learned a lot of managerial and building operations experience, and have also learned how to keep work relationships positive and friendly due to Manny's constant optimism and amazing attitude. The people you spend your time with rub off on you, and I am happy to have learned so much from Manny,” he said.