Wage Ranges

Massachusetts Minimum Wage

Massachusetts minimum wage is $14.25 per hour, effective January 1st, 2022.

MA Minimum wage will go up in steps to reach $15.00 per hour in January 2023.

For Employers: Setting Pay Rates

Every College student working in a Harvard College department will receive the same starting base pay, which is determined by Harvard College. Effective August 1, 2020, the base pay for undergraduate student workers will be $15 per hour.

Employers who do not participate in the Federal Work Study Program may use the FWSP undergraduate and graduate pay rates as a guideline.

Graduate school starting wage ranges vary, but typically fall within $14.25- $20.00 per hour.

FWSP Wage Rates:

When determining federal work study wage rates, there are several factors that should be considered. At minimum, students must be paid the greater of either the federal or state minimum wage rate, currently $14.25/hour in Massachusetts. As a yardstick, we researched our jobs database and found the average wage rate is $16.00/hour for all jobs across the university. Please take a thoughtful approach and keep these factors in mind when set your rate:

· The skills needed to perform the job;

· How much persons with those skills are paid in the area for doing the same type of job;

· Rates you would normally pay students who do not have FWSP

Graduate school FWSP wage ranges:

Graduate school FWSP wage ranges vary, but typically fall within $14.25-$20.00 per hour.