Faculty Aide Program


Now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 term. 

Please note: Only faculty members may apply for the Faculty Aide Program.

The Faculty Aide Program has introduced thousands of students in all concentrations to research and is a great program for students in the initial stages of their research careers. The program encourages professors to hire undergraduate research assistants and provides a platform to advertise the position through the online Jobs Database. The program provides opportunities for undergraduates to become closely involved in the ongoing research of a Harvard faculty member. Students often become Faculty Aides by contacting professors or responding to research assistant job listings in the SEO Jobs Database.

Payment to students in the Faculty Aide Program is split between the SEO and the faculty member. The SEO is able to fund the faculty member up to $1500 towards student wages (to be used for one student or split among many) over the course of the year. The faculty member must match the wages earned with their own separate funding.  The maximum a student is able to earn is $3000 unless the faculty member is willing to pay the student 100% of the exceeding wages from their own budget or funds.  Faculty Aide applications are accepted throughout the semester, but posting your Research Assistant position early in the semester increases your chances for finding the right student.

  • Faculty members submit an online application and will receive an e-mail confirmation upon review of their application.
  • Approved applicants are awarded one $1500 grant to be used by one student or divided among several. Faculty may not receive more than one Faculty Aide award of $1500. Each dollar earned by the Faculty Aide(s) must be matched by the faculty member.
  • FAP cannot be used to pay the wages of a student who has also received a grant from the Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) or any other Harvard supported research award.

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 Hiring a Student for the Faculty Aide Program

Determining a Pay Rate
There is no set pay rate for the Faculty Aide Program so the faculty and student are able to negotiate an appropriate hourly wage.

  • You may refer to the Federal Work-Study Program wage ranges if you like.
  • The estimated number of hours worked should be considered when determining the pay rate to ensure that payments in excess of the Faculty Aide award are not charged to the allowable restricted funds.
  • Any charges in excess will be charged back to the faculty member/department through a journal entry in the University accounting system or billed to Harvard affiliates off-campus

Hiring a Student Through PeopleSoft

Harvard Faculty Members 
Students on the Faculty Aide Program are hired and paid with the SEO’s billing code and the faculty member’s department billing code on Harvard’s payroll system. The employing faculty member is responsible for ensuring this is complete.

  • When hiring the student please use split coding.
    • Put 50% on the SEO coding.
    • Put 50% on your department coding.
  • When paying the student in PeopleSoft, please indicate the total number of hours worked each day of the week the way you would pay any student.  If the hire was done successfully, the costing should be split between the two departments.
    • For example: to pay a Faculty Aide at $11.00/hr for 10 hours of work, you would charge 5 hours to the SEO Faculty Aide account and 5 hours to the professor's account, both at the same rate of $11.00/hr. The student will receive one check with the funds drawn from both accounts.

Faculty at Harvard Affiliated hospitals 
This section is for faculty who do not have access to Harvard payroll.

If your department does not have access to the Harvard payroll system or you are using personal funds, please complete the additional billing information on the FAP application form. The Student Employment Office will process 100% of students' payroll and bill you at the end of the period of employment.

  • Students must submit all of their tax forms to the SEO so they can be hired properly in the Harvard Payroll system.
  • Once a student is hired the faculty member and the student will receive an email with an electronic time card.
  • The student will have to report time every week to the SEO in order to get paid for their time spent doing research.