Student FWSP Eligibility

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Since Federal Work Study is part of the financial aid award, students and parents must complete the FAFSA form by the deadline specified by your particular school. Undergraduates will be notified whether they have qualified for FWSP by the Griffin Office of Financial Aid no later than July 1st. Graduate students should check with their particular school's financial aid office.

Please note that FWSP is a full academic year award, and you must reapply every year. Summer FWSP eligibility is determined by the student’s financial aid application for the subsequent school year.

Students may be eligible for FWSP if they:

  • Are US citizens or permanent residents.

  • Are receiving financial aid while at Harvard.

  • Have applied for Federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA.

  • Qualify for FWSP based on both Federal and Harvard criteria.

  • Have a limited number of outside awards.

Undergraduate students can check their FWSP eligibility at by viewing their Aid Decision Details.

Graduate students can check their FWSP eligibility by contacting their school’s financial aid office.

Students are not eligible for FWSP if they are:

  • Foreign nationals

  • Incoming students who have not applied for Federal financial aid via the FAFSA form.

  • Students who are not receiving financial aid at Harvard.

For specific questions about your unique situation please contact:

  • Undergraduates: 617-495-1581 or

  • Graduate students: use the links on the left to contact your local school's financial aid office.