Reporting Hours

All students are paid on an hourly basis and must report the hours they work. Departments across the University manage time reporting in different ways. The supervisor is responsible for informing employees how to report hours worked. There are generally two methods: a paper time card which the supervisor then enters in to PeopleSoft or the student enters her/his hours in to PeopleSoft and the supervisor approves them.

Guidelines for reporting hours:

  • The supervisor should confirm with their employees whether hours worked should be submitted by paper time card or electronically through PeopleSoft.
  • All hours must be approved by the supervisor. If a paper time card is used then it must be held for at least 5 years for audit purposes.
  • Hours must be reported on a weekly basis. Submitting multiple time cards for multiple weeks unnecessarily complicates the process and can result in incorrect pay.
  • Harvard’s work week for payroll purposes is Sunday 12:00 AM through Saturday 11:59 PM. Student employees must submit their hours worked by Saturday 11:59 PM unless directed otherwise by their supervisor or payroll administrator.
  • Holidays alter the time reporting schedule. Generally time must be submitted one day earlier. Confirm with your supervisor.

Guidelines for self-reporting hours via PeopleSoft:

  • PeopleSoft is located at  > PeopleSoft (top right corner) > Self Service.
  • If an employee is entering hours for more than one job make sure you know your Employee Record Number (ERN) for each job. This is not your Harvard ID but a one digit number most often 0-4. Your supervisor can supply you with your ERN.
  • If you are not Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) eligible then use Time Reporting Code: REG.
  • If the job is FWSP eligible and you have FWSP funding, you must register your FWSP job with the Student Employment Office and receive confirmation of your eligibility prior to reporting time.
  • When entering time for a FWSP job:
    • On-campus: select WST as the time reporting code.
    • Off-campus: select the time reporting code provided to you by the Student Employment Office in weekly reminder emails.

Help! I forgot to report my hours and Peoplesoft doesn't let me report for previous weeks:

  • On-Campus (FWSP and regular): contact your supervisor.
  • Off-Campus (FWSP only): Contact us by email and use the following template for the body:

John D. Harvard worked the following hours for week ending __/__/__ (must be a Saturday):

Sun: 2

Tue: 5

Wed: 1.5

Thu: 1.5

Total: 10